Sponsorship levels

Available levels

Note: Platinum-Level Sponsorship (Enterprise Plans) are available as a custom add-on (contact us for more information).

Opportunity grant sponsorship

Conferences are a great way to get inspired and get to learn more about the industry and meet new people. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford the expenses associated with coming to the conference. For that reason, we provide opportunity grants for selected appliants in to help them cover some (or all) of the costs.

Every 500 € you sponsor helps us approximately cover the ticket cost and travel expenses within Europe.

As a way to show gratitude, we will list your company within the opportunity granters, we will mention your company on a separate slide during presentation, and we will announce the sponsorship on Twitter.

Want something more?

We like to think of every relationship with a sponsor as a unique one and as such having specific characteristics. We offer addons - extra perks for the main sponsors packages, so we can build a personalized one that fits your needs with some extra presence in certain parts of the conference.

Note: These addons are tied to one of the previously described sponsorship levels.




Coffee Break Attendees love coffee breaks, where snacks, fruit and drinks are served during all day long. There will be the possibility to cusomize the napkins or the tables with your brand image. When announcing the break, the sponsor logo will be present at the auditorium screen and also mentioned by the conference MC.



Parties Our conferences are known for their quality, not only during the talks but also when it’s time to party. And this time, let's go to the beach for this! The sponsor logo will be present at communications related to the party and also printed on glasses provided to the attendees. The sponsor is also encouraged to provide any other material (like rollups) and to suggest special activities to entertain the audience (like a volleyball match).



Hotel Keycards Our hotel offers the opportunity to customize the keycards of the attendees' rooms.



More Details

Discounted tickets

As a sponsor, you’re eligible to receive extra tickets with a special discount between 5-15% (depending on the quantity). Subject to availability.

Logo at sponsors page

The sponsor logo will be present on the Sponsors page at the Full Stack Fest website.

Tweet during conference

During the conference days we will send a thank you / recognition tweet. Sponsors encouraged to suggest unique tweets.

Post on job board

Opportunity to post a job offer free of charge on the Full Stack Fest job board. The job offers are to be included in FSF newsletter (only the title and a link to the job offer) - 3.000+ subscribers

Logo at the landing page

Get SEO positioning and recognition: the sponsor's logo will be constantly present on the Full Stack Fest landing page.

Description on the sponsor page

A short description of the sponsor or its product at the sponsors page at the Full Stack Fest website.

Logo in the newsletter

The sponsor logo will be present at the footer of each newsletter sent.

Logo on recorded videos

The sponsor logo as a part of the opening image for all videos published after the festival. The videos are published under CC license. As of today the videos from our conference have approx. 100.000 visits per year.

Free tickets

Each ticket is valid for and grants access to the conference for the 4 days.

Slides/Mention by the MC

The sponsor logo will be present in introductory slides before talks, accompanied by mentions of our MC during the event

Logo at the registration hall

The sponsor logo will be present at the very entrance to the venue, just in front of the registration desk

Exhibit table

The sponsor gets a table with two seats in the foyer where he can promote its brand or product. Any suggestion from sponsors on customizing the way brand/product is presented.

Logo on stage

Logo will be present on stage.

Inserts to attendee bag

The sponsor will have the opportunity to provide any promo material - subject to approval of the organiser, to be inserted in the attendee bag. Experience tells us attendees appreciate original and surprising things (and will even tweet about it) like stickers, buttons, discount codes, T-shirts, cookies or even plushies.

Logo on attendee bags

The sponsor logo will be present on the attendee bag.

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